Amateur Chef Ingredients every College Student should have on Hand

The Joys Of Ramen Ramen is the staple of single life. It’s cheap, it’s easy to buy a case of it for less than $10, and it takes less than 5 minutes to cook, so planning is not something that has to go into a Ramen meal. There are some drawbacks to Ramen; there’s nothing […]

All you need to know about Allium Vegetables

Perhaps allium vegetables are the most valuable of all eatable plants. For their size these little bulb vegetables carry a big punch. Folklore from the mountains of Kentucky to the rainy streets of London, have told of the power of a braid of garlic to keep the evil spirits at bay when worn around ones […]

Bartender Culture Insights into the Lives of Barfolk

Ah, the bartender, the liquid chef, the mixologist, the beer slinger, the psychologist, the entertainer, the one who knows as soon as you step through the door, the mediator, the score keeper, the distracter, the “man”. Quick with a drink, an ear, a joke, some advice, light of a smoke. A salesman with the best […]

Baking Holiday Cookies Holiday Recipes Cookies Pantry

Holidays always bring out the baker in me and I am sure many other people. I find that I bake more cookies as the holidays draw near than any other time. I have discovered a baker’s pantry must be well stocked to avoid many last minute trips to the store and so I decided that […]

An Italian Restaurant in Salisbury

The Salisbury branch of Prezzo is housed in an old timber-frame building with a very distinctive exterior. Even in mid-afternoon the restaurant can be quite busy, but tables are usually available. The only problem is that one or two of them are placed very close together. The waiting staff are very friendly and welcoming, bringing […]

All about Maui Onions

Onions have been a food source throughout the world for centuries. Their chemical compounds are believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and they add a depth of flavor to many dishes of meat and vegetables. Therefore, red, yellow and white onions are cultivated world-wide and can be cooked and used to enhance the flavor […]

Are Canned Vegetables as Healthy as Fresh ones – Yes

For many years the general consensus was that fresh vegetables were healthier than processed vegetables however studies have shown that frozen vegetables can be as healthy as or even healthier than fresh. Simply browsing through a nutrient analysis for fresh and frozen vegetables indicate comparable values with sometimes frozen vegetables edging out fresh. Before the […]

An Italian Restaurant in Petersfield Hampshire

Although Petersfield in Hampshire is only a small town, it has its fair share of restaurants. Pizza Express was the first of the Italian chains to open there, but Ask now have a branch on the High Street. It is located in an old timber-frame building that used to house the Punch and Judy Tearoom […]

Almond Milk Soymilk

In modern times people may be looking for alternatives to milk with less cholesterol and saturated fat. Others may seek a milk substitute due to lactose intolerance or allergies. Some popular alternatives are almond milk and soy milk which can be found in most grocery stores. Both soy and almond milk have no saturated fat, […]

Algerian Scrambled Eggs with Sausage and Green Peppers Recipe

This spicy egg dish, and numerous variations like it, is very popular in northern Africa. Originally a Basque dish, the Algerians adopted it more than three centuries ago and changed some of the ingredients to make it their own. Most of the recipes include eggs, but some just have the tomatoes and several varieties of […]