Usually not excited about Monday

The Plan

Tomorrow Dori will consult with Dr Kapoor and come up with a plan of action. On one hand it is nice that we get to kind of chart our own course and have such a big impact on the direction of Dori’s treatment. On the other hand it makes it hard to know if we’re doing the right thing. We just do what we think is best-or rather Dori does-and then we pray that we have made good decisions and that the doctors are doing all they can to help us make wise choices. In many ways we have beat the odds to get this far so we must be doing something right! JE

Quick Update

Dori made it home yesterday! Everyone was real excited to have her back. Hopefully Jaden will get back on track with a more stable schedule now. She was getting kind of moody there for a while-I think because of going to bed too late/getting up too early/not enough nap. Not exactly her fault. Personally, it was nice to have Dori sleeping next to me again. On another note, we are trying to work in a trip to Disney world in June. We have some money saved up that we were going to use when Jaden was older-but plans change! We are trying to work some deals with airlines for reduced fares-we are not exactly destitute by any means but with Dori’s reduced income and the mounting medical bills we have taken a pretty big hit these last few years and are not above accepting some help if it’s offered. Hopefully we can get Dori healthy enough to go and then get in some real quality family time together. Right now, that is my prayer.

Usually not excited about Monday

But since Dori comes home tomorrow after what I think is about 18 days, we are all looking forward to this Monday. What a wild few weeks it has been! There has been so much excitement and drama that I’m looking forward to the days where the biggest pressing decision is “do we need to get more milk?” or something like that. The kids and I had a good time at the lake and Grandma has been a life saver for me. Jaden is getting really off her schedule and is uncharacteristically grumpy lately. She should get much better when Mom gets home. We all will.

8 years later

This weekend we are headed off to the lake for a mini-vacation. It has been awhile since we have been able to go as a family so we will have a great time. We have to be careful with Dori as she has strict orders to stay out of the sun. That’s tough for her because for years she had such a great, deep dark tan and could go in the sun as much as she wanted without much care at all. Oh, the good ‘ol days.. On Monday Dori and I will celebrate our 8th year of marriage. Dori was a literal answer to a prayer for me and is a real special person. Although no one has ever asked me this I will throw it out there: If I had known 8 years ago that Dori would go through the radical physical changes and medical problems that she has, would I still have married her?

The answer is an emphatic -yes! I have learned more and grow more as a person from knowing Dori than anything else I could have experienced in the last 8 years. Dori is an amazing person and if you know her at all, you know what I mean. Dori is unique in today’s world because of how unselfish she is and how willing to express her love for people so easily. Dori has a way of letting you know that she cares for you that is very special, it is a real gift that she has. I wish everyone could experience what it is like to be loved by someone who can express their love so well. I certainly can’t do it, but I’m glad my wife can.

I’m glad my kids have a Mom who can make them feel loved so passionately. I hope my son one day finds a woman who can make him feel the way Dori makes me feel and makes me know that I am loved. The lows of the last eight years have been tough but the highs and the good times we have enjoyed have been worth whatever hardships we have endured. Honestly I don’t know if we have another 8 years, 8 months or 80 years left together. But whatever it is, it will be special and I plan to enjoy every minute of it!

Things looking good or bad

I visited with Dori today at the hospital and she looked great-much better than she looked a few weeks ago when she was in there. She is eating well, has no fever and is just trying to get strong. She is hoping to get Kapoor to release her tonight-we’ll see about that! Anyway, she looks and feels good, just needs time for the antibiotics to work. Her colon looked good-but the test (of course) was uncomfortable. She did get a few good war stories from the nurse helping with the test-not internet approved stuff (at least for this site!). Tait called from camp today and he’s doing great. Grandma Morris has been a real life saver for us getting him to camp everyday. Once again she has really come through for us.

Bad News/Good News

The bad news is that Dori didn’t feel good at all Tuesday morning. She called me from the lake and sounded pretty bad-and she had already vomitted 3 times. But she got Tait off to camp and I was able to get Kerri to take me up there to check her out. Kerri ended up taking Dori back to San Antonio and straight to the hospital. It turns out she has a new infection-totally unrelated to anything she had two weeks ago. She was feeling great tonight and had just done a colonoscopy (sp?) and that looked good. So we hope she comes home tomorrow. I think she will because she says she is eating everything and has not had fever. The good news is that we are making progress on our Disney trip. We have four free round-trip tickets from Southwest Airlines! AND we have free 3-day passes to Disney, and day passes to SeaWorld and Universal Studios! I was optimistic that we would get the airline tickets but the rest was totally unexpected-and very much appreciated. We will be concentrating on getting Dori as healthy as she can be between now and our trip, think of us and pray for us until then.

Quick Update

We had a great Memorial Day weekend with just me, Dori and the kids. We got the jet ski out and drove around the lake. It was a great time for everyone. Tait went to day camp on Monday and will be going there all week. He really enjoyed the camp. I’ll post a picture later today.. JE

More of the same

Dori sounded real good today. We talked with her this morning as we got ready for church then again this afternoon. She still seems to be real tired though. I wasn’t able to get over to see her today-me and Tait went to Sea World again for a few hours while Jaden was at my Mom’s. It’s hard to get over to the hospital when she is in ICU because the kids can’t go up and see her. So I’ll get over there tomorrow and check her out. She has plenty of visitors so she is not lonely at all. Of course we all miss her. Today at church all the Sunday school teachers got recognized and I was able to stand-in for Dori.

It seems like such a small thing to teach Sunday school but it really isn’t. It takes a commitment and willingness to devote yourself to teaching that is hard to do-even though it is first greade it is not easy. But Dori loves doing it and I know she hates to miss seeing those kids. In fact all the teachers are wonderful and deserve a great deal of thanks. Ultimately they don’t do it for any reward or recognition-they do it for the kids and because it is what God has called them to do. I was real happy to stand-in for her today. There has not been much news to report this weekend. I think Monday Dr. Kapoor should give us a big update on everything and we’ll know better where we stand. Until then..

Out of ICU

Out of ICU and hopefully home soon. Real progress today as Dori felt good, had no “real” fever and was able to exercise some without a drop in oxygen level. I took the kids over tonight after dinner. Dori had called and said she would be moving out of ICU and that she wanted to see her kids, so we ate dinner and headed over to the hospital. We got there and when we got off the elevator there was Dori pulling her electronic monitoring gear (not sure what you call that!) behind her. We were able to sit in the little visiting room with her for about 30 minutes. It was great, the kids (and me) were real glad to see Mom.

Grandma Morris went with us too and we all had a great time. It was so good to see Dori feeling so glad and looking so good. I couldn’t help but think that we turned the corner and everything is going to be back to normal (at least normal for us) real soon. It’s a real relief and everyone is feeling real good. Dori says they will scan her lungs again to tomorrow and barring any big surprises, she should be home soon if she continues to improve. We’re all just real happy, I really don’t know what else to say.